There are many websites with books about Australia and the abiriginals. Informate yourself about the story and place, who you want to visit. Many travel-destinys show off the aboriginals, false. 60 percent of the aboriginals are living in cities but there are also the traditional living aboriginals. Many aboriginals are offering tours who are very interesting. Use the time and ask the people all the questions you got! In Australia people make much money with "real" aboriginal souvenirs. So if you want to buy a souvenir, buy it from Aboriginals. You will get original art and supporting the work. Tourist doing fast many mistakes, who are making the Aboriginals angry. So you need to informate yourself, which is allowed. Not only nature monuments like the Uluru are part of the holy places. The Aboriginals are following a type of nature religion. To understand the world understanding is very important when you travel in Australia.

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