Food and Sights

Tourism is the most important part of the economy in Cornwall. But what to do there? You can visit Tintagel Castle if you like knights and old stories. Many legends say that famous King Arthur was born there. The most famous tourist attraction in Cornwall, however, is the Eden Project, a huge greenhouse where you can look at plants from all around the world like pineapples or cacao.

CC-BY-SA 2.0; by: Kerry Garratt

You can’t only discover places, of course, but also tastes. In Cornwall, you have to try pasties. In the past, fishermen and miners often ate them because it was easy to take them to work. Apart from that, you should have a cream tea. This is a special meal: You have tea and eat scones with jam and clotted cream, which is thicker and yellower than normal cream in the UK.

CC BY 3.0, by Liyster                                                                                       CC-BY-SA 3.0; by: David Johnson

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