Tipps for backpacking in “Aboriginal Australia”

Hello! I'm here today to share a little information about travelling to Australia and discover the Aboriginal's culture. I'll divide everything into different bullet points and I'll be talking about:

– representation of Aboriginals on the internet

– sightseeing in Australia

– buying souvenirs

– mistakes not to make in front of natives

– Aboriginals religion


60 percent of Aboriginals live in cities. There are problems with social equality and some Aboriginals even live in traditional ways. Often websites represent Aboriginals in only one way and end up creating a stereotype of Aboriginals which doesn't show their lifes accurately. 

Many Aboriginals offer sightseeing tours which are especially exciting because you get to explore the country in a natives eyes. You can ask questions about their culture, isn't that exciting?

If you want to purchase a memento, get one from the Aboriginals. You'll receive "original" art made by natives and you'll support their work that way.

Tourists often tend to make mistakes that upset the natives. Inform yourself beforehand on what's allowed to do and what isn't. For example tourists frequently disrespect holy monuments, not knowing their actual purpose. Not just well known monuments like the Uluru are part of the holy sites worshipped by Aboriginals. Even unnoticable places could hold cultural meaning.

Aboriginals follow a certain religion called "Dreamtime". The "dream"-part refers to an understanding and using of the world and its connection. 

If you've made it this far thank you so much for reading this post! (: Feel free to ask questions or leave more tips on travelling.

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