Backpacking in Australia

Tipps for backpackers wanting a new experience in the "aboriginal Australia"


There are many websites full of cool places to visit. Most of the aborigines live in citys but you also have the traditionel ones. On most websites they only say the Stereotypes. Loads if aborigines have there own tours and you really get to see the Australia that the native people lived in. Another little tipp: If you want to buy souvenirs then you should buy them from the aborigines because its orignal and not made in factories and it helps them. Most people dont know what things count as monuments so that rock that you are sitting on could belong to something important thats why Most aborigines get angry at tourists. The aborigines follow the Naturreligion with the word " dreamtime" dont get confused though it has got nothing to do with dreaming. But you will see and experience Australia different then most other travelers.





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